Take Care of Stains With Pro Whitening

It won’t be long before the leaves in the trees start turning yellow and orange. You may even be planning autumn visits to places like Lake Macbride State Park or Wildcat Den State Park to check out the vivid colors. In trees, these colors are so desirable, people drive for miles to see them. In smiles, though, not so much. If your teeth are looking stained, ask us about pro whitening.

Professional products are formulated with higher concentrations of whitening ingredients. So they do a much better job of brightening your teeth than drugstore products. This short video from the American Dental Association explains how the whitening process works. 

At our office, you can maintain your bright smile with our Whitening for Life program. You simply pay $99 for professional-strength gel and custom-made whitening trays. The trays make it simple to completely cover your teeth for the best results. After that, you’ll receive a free resupply of gel every six months when you visit us for your exam and cleaning. 

Interested in pro whitening? Call Oelwein Dental Associates at 319-209-9295. Or call 563-677-6861 to visit West Union Dental Associates.