Get the Sleep You Need With a Simple Oral Appliance

A CPAP machine is one of the most common solutions to obstructive sleep apnea. While this is a workable solution for some, it’s not a great option for everyone. It can be uncomfortable to wear and leave you with a dry mouth and throat.

Many patients prefer a customized sleep appliance. Using our 3-D digital scanner, we’ll capture impressions of your teeth. Then an outside lab uses our specifications to create your device. Once you start wearing it, you’ll notice these benefits:

  • Comfortable – Your sleep appliance gently shifts your jaw forward to stop your airways from closing. It’s that easy!
  • Easy to Wear – Since your device is created just for you, it’s a more comfortable fit. You’ll barely notice it after a few days of wearing it while you sleep.
  • Simple to Clean – A CPAP can be a hassle to clean. With a sleep appliance, you simply wash it with a toothbrush and gentle soap.
  • Great for Traveling – Pack your sleep guard with your regular oral hygiene supplies. There’s no need to do any special packing! Your mouthguard won’t attract the attention of TSA agents at the airport.

Snoring is only one of the many symptoms of sleep apnea. You or your bed partner may notice you wake up gasping for air or have difficulty staying asleep. You might also struggle with dry mouth, headaches, or mood swings.

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