Save Your Smile With Emergency Dental Care

Regardless of your emergency dental situation, you can come to us for help. Our dental team is experienced in restoring the function and beauty of patients’ smiles. When you visit us, our top priority is preserving your smile and getting you out of pain. We’ll start with a thorough exam and take digital X-rays. Once we determine the best path for treatment, our recommendations may include:

  • Tooth Fillings – If you have a toothache from a cavity or minor damage, composite tooth fillings can repair your tooth.
  • Root Canals –  A root canal can treat an infection that has reached the pulp of your tooth. It helps you avoid a possible extraction and stops your pain.
  • Dental Crowns – We’ll create a lifelike crown with our in-house CEREC machine to repair seriously damaged or decayed teeth. We can replace a single tooth by pairing your crown with an implant.
  • Dental Bridge – If you’ve knocked out one or several teeth, we can replace one or several teeth with a dental bridge. Anchor it to nearby teeth, or to implants for better oral function.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If your gums have been infected, we’ll eliminate the disease with a deep cleaning procedure.
  • Tooth Removal – Although it’s our last resort, sometimes removing a tooth is necessary to protect nearby healthy teeth.

We focus on making you comfortable throughout your entire appointment. You can opt for sedation if necessary. Choose from laughing gas or oral sedation. Both can help calm your nerves. Your dentist will discuss which option is ideal for you.

Call 563-677-6861 if you need help from an emergency dentist in West Union. For non-emergencies you can also schedule online.