Invest in Your Smile With Clear Aligner Treatment

It might surprise you that roughly 27 percent of orthodontic patients in North America are adults. You certainly aren’t alone if you are pursuing clear aligner treatment. At West Union Dental Associates, we have two options available: Sure Smile and Invisalign. Both give you fantastic results in less time than traditional braces.

Before we move forward with either of these solutions, we’ll confirm that you are a good candidate. You may not need orthodontic treatment at all. Instead, we may recommend veneers or tooth bonding to correct minor gaps or slightly overlapping teeth.

If an aligner solution is right for you, we’ll take impressions of your teeth with our digital scanner. Then we’ll send the information to an outside lab where your aligners are created. Once you get your aligners, you’ll love the benefits:

  • Easily Removable – You can remove your aligners to brush your teeth, floss, or sit down to a meal. You won’t need to limit your food choices or use special floss to care for your teeth. However, you will need to wear your orthodontic aligners for about 22 hours a day.
  • Practically Invisible – Professionals love these invisible aligners. You won’t have to worry about showing off a mouth full of metal in a work meeting. The aligners fit snugly over your teeth. No one will notice you wearing them.
  • Convenient Checkups – You need to come in every six weeks or so for progress checkups. That is fewer visits than with braces. Plus, your visits are more comfortable. You won’t have to sit through wire adjustments.
  • Effective Results – Aligners can fix many orthodontic issues. They typically work well for patients with an overbite, crossbite, underbite, misaligned or crooked teeth, and gapped teeth. More patients than not discover they are a good candidate for clear aligners.

In addition, we have preventive orthodontics for children. If they lose a baby tooth too early, space maintainers will hold the spot for the adult tooth until it’s ready to erupt. As a result, their nearby teeth won’t shift out of place.

Give Yourself a Hollywood Smile With Cosmetic Services

Once you are done with your treatment, consider cosmetic services as a reward. You may be interested in:

  • Teeth whitening to brighten your smile with custom take-home trays 
  • Veneers or tooth bonding to disguise imperfections like chips, cracks, or uneven teeth
  • A popular injectable to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

Call 563-677-6861 for clear aligners in West Union. You can also schedule online.