Get a Custom Mouthguard for Your TMJ Disorder

Your TMJs are the joints that connect your jaw to your skull. They work like a hinge, allowing you to open and close your mouth. If they get irritated or inflamed, it can cause a painful TMJ disorder. It can be caused by injury, a misaligned bite, or pressure from a teeth grinding habit.

If the malfunction of your TMJ has occurred due to teeth grinding, our custom-made oral appliance can help. During your appointment, we’ll start with an exam and take digital X-rays to determine the best treatment for you. Some patients benefit from orthodontics if a misaligned bite causes their TMJ disorder. We may also recommend restorative care to repair damaged or uneven teeth that caused the problem.

If we determine a mouthguard is right for you, we’ll take digital scans to get impressions of your teeth. Then we send the information to an outside lab to create your customized appliance. You’ll wear it while you sleep, since that’s the most common time for people to grind or clench their teeth. You can expect these benefits:

  • Comfortable Fit – Your bite guard will be made specifically for you. As a result, you’ll barely notice it in your mouth while you sleep.
  • Effective Results – This device acts as a cushion between your teeth. It alleviates the pressure from your jaw, allowing it to heal.
  • Lasts for Years – A store-bought bite guard may need replacing every few months. A custom-made one is made of high-quality plastic that can last for years.

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