Correct Bite Problems With Clear Aligners

You might wish you had straight teeth because it would make your smile look better.

But don’t dismiss the often overlooked benefits of orthodontics.

Proper bite alignment also allows for easier, more effective oral hygiene, lowers your risk for premature wear and tear or damage, and gives you a better chance of maintaining good oral health.

As if that weren’t enough to motivate you to pursue orthodontic treatment in Fayette County, you can also achieve results more discreetly and quickly than standard metal braces thanks to clear aligners.

We can evaluate your dental needs and determine whether or not you’d be a good candidate for one of these alternatives to brackets and wires so you can improve your smile’s appearance and your oral health with easy, comfortable, and nearly invisible aligners!

To find out which of our orthodontics options is right for you, call 319-209-9295 for an appointment in Oelwein or 563-677-6861 for an appointment in West Union. You can also schedule online in Oelwein or schedule online in West Union.