Expect an Anxiety-Free Visit With Our Dental Team

You may already know the benefits of good oral health. You maintain a fully functional bite and a beautiful smile. Your overall health is protected from harmful bacteria, too. However, if you’ve been avoiding the dentist because of fear, that information alone won’t help you overcome your anxiety. That’s why we go the extra mile to help patients feel at ease in our practice.

When you come in for your appointment, here’s how we help:

  • Sedation Options – We make every procedure as pain-free as possible. However, we also have sedation options to ease your nerves. Laughing gas is a gentle sedation that fades when your appointment is complete. Oral sedation is also available. The effects of this deeper sedation linger, so you will need a ride home after.
  • Advanced Technology – Patients with an easy gag reflex will love our digital scanner. It allows us to capture impressions without using trays or messy goop. We also use digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, computer-guided implant technology, lasers, and more. This equipment makes your visits go smoothly and successfully.
  • Compassionate Dental Team – Our judgment-free team wants what is best for your smile. We can answer any questions or concerns you have about your procedures. You can even take breaks throughout your appointment if necessary. Feel free to watch TV while we work. It keeps you distracted from the sights and sounds of our equipment.

Call 563-677-6861 for an appointment or schedule online. Let our team know if you want help relieving dental anxiety in West Union!