dental treatment for tmj and tmdLet’s get to the bottom of this

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? Do you experience frequent pain of the teeth, jaw, face, head, or neck? Do you find yourself having to take pain medication regularly just to get through the day? Have you tried countless prescriptions, home remedies, or other techniques and are at your wits end trying to find a solution? We’re a dental practice that’s more than “just teeth” and we don’t just want to treat your chronic pain, we want to get to the bottom of why it’s happening in the first place – so we can prevent it; because you deserve to live a pain-free life.

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, or the jaw joint. TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, and is used to describe any dysfunction of the TMJ. To make things confusing, these terms are often used interchangeably, and sometimes even called TMJD. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll use TMJ here to describe the disorder.

TMJ is largely brought on by stress, but can also be caused by other factors like bite misalignment or traumatic injury. TMJ is characterized by:

  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Jaw popping, locking, or clicking
  • Jaw pain
  • Chronic headache/migraine
  • Myofascial pain – persistent pain of the face, teeth, jaw, head, or neck

TMJ Treatment

While many people believe that such a delicate and complex joint problem requires invasive surgery to correct, this is not the case. Take it from our patients who have not only found relief of their pain, but rediscovered themselves and their lives as they were before the pain started.

We can fit you with a custom oral appliance or night guard that you wear during sleep to prevent the clenching, grinding, and tension that is the source of your woes. TMJ treatment is:

  • Simple
  • Comfortable
  • Non-invasive
  • Affordable
  • Highly effective

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If you’re ready to remember what it was like to live a pain-free life, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about TMJ/TMD or oral appliance therapy, or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, give us a call today!