CrownsAdvanced technology for your convenience

At our practice, we believe in making quality dental care as convenient as possible for our patients. This makes it easier for them to make the right decision in saying yes to necessary treatments like crowns.

What used to be a lengthy process – your first appointment included goopy, messy impressions and an injection for preparation of the tooth to be fitted for a temporary crown which you would wear for a few weeks while your permanent crown was sent off to a lab to be created. You would then return for a second appointment for another injection, removal of the temporary, and placement of the permanent crown.

Are we having fun yet? Thankfully, our patients enjoy the benefits of our CEREC milling machine that allows us to fabricate and place restorations like crowns in a single visit.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Essentially, this is a high-tech piece of equipment that brings an entire dental lab – where we used to have to send your impressions for restorations to be created – into a single piece of technology right here in our office.

Our CEREC® machine uses CAD/CAM technology – computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing – to capture digital impressions (no more goop) and convert them into beautiful, high-precision restorations that are then fabricated on-site while you wait, and placed the very same appointment. It’s not quite magic, but almost.

What are the benefits of CEREC®?

If you have a tooth that is broken, cracked, chipped, or decayed, and is in need of a crown, you can experience the benefits of CEREC® same day technology. Crowns can also be used to replace an entire tooth that has gone missing with the help of a dental implant. Benefits of CEREC same day crowns versus traditional crowns include:

  • One appointment vs. multiple
  • Digital impressions vs. goopy, messy impressions
  • No temporary restorations
  • Fewer injections
  • High precision digital technology
  • Strong & durable
  • Tooth colored porcelain looks, feels & functions just like natural teeth
  • Restore your tooth in a single visit!

Give us a call!

If you’re ready to skip the hassle and get right down to business and restore your tooth in a single appointment, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about CEREC® same day crowns, or would like to schedule an appointment with your dentist, give us a call today!

*CEREC same day technology is available at our Oelwein office location only.